Anytime some content is uploaded to a cloud hosting account or downloaded from it, web site traffic is produced which is a characteristic that each and every hosting plan includes. It's also among the features it is important to check, as what amount of website traffic quota you'll need depends on what you need the account for. The web site traffic is generally generated by downloads which includes website visits. Essentially, anytime somebody opens your web site, the web pages are downloaded from the server on his or her computer and they're subsequently shown by their internet browser. It's of course important to be aware that uploads are considered too, so every time you duplicate large files from your laptop or computer to the server, some website traffic will be generated as well. Different companies sometimes have different names for this feature, for instance traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, however all of them refer to the exact same thing - the amount of incoming & outgoing info produced for a particular period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Cloud Hosting
Our cloud plans were created with the concept to handle the website traffic made by any site that can run in such an account. When you currently have one or several small-scale or medium-sized sites, you'll not be limited by the monthly site traffic quota no matter what content you may have - plain text or perhaps a great number of images, for example. The statistics inside the hosting Control Panel provides you with detailed data about the traffic generated by every single website as well as the amount for the account altogether. The stats are updated in real time and display both the day-to-day and the monthly usage, which means that you'll be aware of how much data is transferred to and from the website hosting account at any moment. Day one of every month the counter is reset, but you'll be able to view the site traffic statistics for the past months, which will give you an idea how your sites perform.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Servers
Since our semi-dedicated plans are very efficient, we've decided not to set a restriction for the monthly site traffic that a given account can produce. It is our understanding that if you need a web hosting package that features a great deal of processing power, your websites will most probably have lots of visitors and since every visitor generates a part of the site traffic, you can end up having inaccessible sites if there was any restriction for this characteristic. With truly unrestricted traffic, you can be sure this cannot happen. For your benefit, you will be able to keep track of the content being downloaded along with the web site traffic that is generated for each domain with hourly, daily and monthly statistics that will inform you on how popular your sites are. You'll be able to even see the web pages and files which have made most of the traffic in your semi-dedicated account.
Monthly Traffic in VPS Servers
The monthly traffic allowance that you will get with our VPS plans is enough for almost any type of site and it is proportional to all the rest of the system resources that are included with each and every plan. With a more powerful server, you will be able to operate many sites or several very popular sites, which means that the site visitors allocation for the superior packages is also increased. In case you start with a low-end VPS package, you are able to improve it at any moment with several clicks from your billing Control Panel and then the supplementary resources will be included in your current account, along with the increased site visitors quota. All the VPS accounts include a server management panel where you have the option to monitor the used and remaining traffic for the current month as well as all of the other resources. Furthermore, we send notifications once you reach 90% of your limit, so you have enough time to react and upgrade if necessary.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers
The dedicated web hosting plans that we offer feature large traffic quotas which are enough for any type of website, even a video streaming portal or a well-liked social media. Terabytes of website traffic will be at your disposal each month and the management panel that is included with each and every dedicated server will give you information how much information has been transferred already and how much is available for the current month. To avoid service interruptions, we will notify you if you reach 90% of your allowance and you're able to either reduce the website traffic made by your sites by optimizing their content, or you may increase the allowance for your account. It's very unlikely that you'll ever need such an improvement, however we prefer to leave this option open. The statistics in that panel feature the full site traffic, in contrast to the information in your hosting Control Panel where you will find just the traffic from websites, but not from server-side software downloads and / or updates.